Rules for our TeamSpeak server

1.1: No trolling (screaming, voice changer, being annoying, spam poke or similar)

1.2: Using soundboard is ok if it isn’t for trolling purpose!

1.3: No channel hopping!

1.4: Respect everyone, including admins!

1.5: Don’t record without permission from everyone in the channel (recording to prove rule breaking is ok)

1.6: Don’t use inappropriate usernames (name of leaders, swear words, others usernames, usernames with a lot of symbols or similar)

1.7: Don’t use inappropriate avatars (porn, leaders or similar)

1.8: Always listen to Helpers and Admins, they have the last word!

1.9: Don’t spam poke/ spam PM people!

2.0: Don’t pretend to be an Admin or Helper!

2.1: Don’t have anything inappropriate in “Disconnect Message”!

2.2: Only sit AFK in the AFK channel!

2.3: Never come on TeamSpeak drunk or affected by drugs!

2.4: If you as a member get VAC banned your membership might get suspended. You might also get punished in other ways (ban from TeamSpeak for example)

2.5: The music channel is for the official music bot ONLY. No other music is allowed there!

Welcome to United Survivors

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