General Rules

1.0: Don’t pretend to be an Admin or Helper at any time. Also never ask to be an Admin or Helper, we chose our Admins and Helpers!


1.1: Always listen to Helpers and Administrators, they have the last word. If an administrator or helper approves but another administrator disapproves, you still need to listen to the administrator that disapproves.


1.2: If you as a member get VAC banned your membership might get suspended. You might also get punished in other ways (ban from TeamSpeak for example).


1.3: Be respectful to all players and administrators.


1.4: Don’t use inappropriate usernames (name of leaders(politicians, e.g Donald Trump), swear words, same username as somebody else, usernames with a lot of symbols or similar).


1.5: Don’t spam in any way.

1.6: Never expose others private information in any way! This includes sharing someones private accounts without the person’s permission, for example Facebook or other social media.

Welcome to United Survivors

Steam Group

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